Welcome to rscott.org. Sorry, there really isn't much here.

There isn't much to see here.

I've just set up a website to test passwords to see how hard they are to crack, whether they have appeared in lists of leaked passwords, and whether they appear in hacker dictionaries. A few minutes playing with the tool will give you a good idea of whether your passwords are fairly safe.

Among other things, I have an my SSD page from a couple years ago, with information about Solid State Drives (very fast hard drive replacements).

Did you get to this site needing to contact someone? You can E-mail parchmenthill [at] gmail.com.

I have finally -- after almost 20 years -- given a resting place for The Modem Dictionary, one of the first eBooks, with its origins dating back to the late 1980s.

Also, there is Scott's Disk, a place I will be putting some Windows command-line programs for people to download.