Operation Thumbo

...An attempt to rid the scourge of fake/counterfeit/hacked USB thumb/flash drives.

Generic Flash Drives

What They Are:

A generic flash drive is simply a flash drive that is either not branded, or has a brand name that few people have ever heard of.

The Problem with Generic Flash Drives

Flash drives are somewhere people tend to store their important files. A company like Sandisk spends lots of money to design a product that will work, and they spend the money for good chips ("Tier 1" or "Grade A"). A generic drive usually doesn't have anyone you can complain to (except the seller), and at bargain prices, they usually cannot afford a well-designed product. And they tend to buy "Tier 3" memory (memory that the brand names won't buy, due to quality issues).

Also, generic drives are likely made and/or distributed by the same companies that make and sell fake and/or counterfeit flash drives. That's not just a guess: there are many similarities between them. Someone that is willing to create a drive that will destroy your data without your knowledge (fake flash drives) isn't going to care if your generic drive dies quickly or corrupts your data.

That said, if your data isn't too important, and don't mind the possibility of corrupt data, these bargains may work well for you.

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