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A simple tool that displays the SHA1 hash for a file. It will also accept multiple files, in which case it will show the SHA1 hash and let you know if they match.


QuickSHA <filename1> [filename2 [filename3...]]

Sample Output

>QuickSHA file1.txt file2.txt
QuickSHA - (C) Copyright 2011 R. Scott Perry
Credit and citation for SHA1 code: RFC3174

SHA1=E66D6DC343AE53C9E2882487F4105EB08AB5C740 delme1.txt          
SHA1=2B84F621C0FD4BA8BD514C5C43AB9A897C8C014E delme2.txt           [NO MATCH]


You just save the file and run it from a command prompt.

Windows 32-bit: Run/save 32-bit
Windows 64-bit: Run/save 64-bit

(C) Copyright 2010-2011 R. Scott Perry